Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Alexandra Stan - Lollipop

Because I'm delicious

and no one disagrees.

While at the first glance Ms. Stan seems to be just another attention-shoring woman, what with her skin-exposing hi-jinks and the lyrics which sound sexually suggestive, a very different picture emerges when one considers  the lyrics of her work more delicately.

Let's consider the opening stanza:

'I like the candy
I like the chocolate
The ice-cream is very good
But, I just love my lollipop'

The last word is where the title of the song derives from, and hence it's important to notice what it signifies.

It isn't 'a lollipop' or 'the lollipop' but 'my lollipop',  as in, she loves her lollipop and not just any other lollipop but her own personal lollipop. Once one has looked past their own generalizations about slutty women in music videos, the meaning of the song becomes crystal clear.

This song is a punch to the patriarchy where it hurts the most. Well, a little above, but it still hurts like hell.

Ms. Stan is breaking the monopoly of the phallocracy perpetuated by the patriarchy. She isn't just another attention-shoring woman with oodles of skin-exposing hi-jinks but a champion of trans-women, women with 'lollipops' and in the case of women who were born with female genitals, a champion of a certain paraphernalia.

The point is doubly impressed upon by erecting the members of those sexist members of the cis-class who sexually objectify women like Ms. Stan. What a way to remind them of their hetero-normative privileged existence!

Ms. Stan's emphasis on gender-equality is also noted in another part of the song:

When I walk in the club
Baby what you gonna do
Cuz' all the boys they want me too
All the girls they want me too

We're all sure they do.

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